What would you do if your daughter went MISSING?

In my #1 Rant Post I talked about “Have you had to report a Business to the Better Business Bureau?” My question is? What would you have done if this were you?  Would you report them to the Better Business Bureau or have you do this in your life on a business?  Do share your experiences below in the comments.

IN WELLINGTON, New Zealand a 19-year-old daughter (Danielle) is adrift on the Pacific Ocean as she and six crewmates are on their wooden sailboat, (the Nina). What are they doing?

The police believe that the 70-foot (21-meter) schooner likely sank more than eight months ago after getting battered by a storm as the crew attempted to cross the Tasman Sea from New Zealand to Australia. That’s when the boat’s crew stopped using their satellite phone. A search turned up no sign of the vessel and they believe there’s no real chance any of them are still alive.

The parents ROBIN and RICKY have found it hard to give up the search for their only child. The couple is from Lafayette, Louisiana, and have spent the last three months living in Australia and spearheading their own search, long after New Zealand authorities gave up. This month, Ricky Wright earned his pilot’s license. His aim was to fly the Australian coastline in hopes of spotting something. Anything.

They’ve spent $600,000 to pay for private plane searches. The money has come not only from their own savings but also from fundraisers, friends, family, and even their daughter’s college fund. Deeply religious, the couple says God has kept them strong and determined.

QUOTE: “We cannot assume the boat sank without evidence, and we think it’s highly likely that it did not,”

Robin Wright says. “We know there’s a chance the boat sank.

There is a chance.

But do you assume the worst and stop searching?”

Still, the search has to end at some point.

On Tuesday the Wrights, speaking by phone from the Sydney Airport, said they were returning to the U.S after running out of money and were unsure if they would return to Australia.

I don’t know about you but if my daughter was missing I think I would have found a faster way to look for my daughter.  Maybe money was an issue for the parents. Makes me wonder why they waited so long and what they were thinking.  I also want to know why the parents gave their daughter permission to go on a boat trip and for what cause?

If you have thoughts, or comments I want to hear them!?




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