Have you had to report a business to the Better Business Bureau?

Well here I go complaining but for a great reason, to help others whom  might have the exact same problem as I had with an online site.  The site is to take a 30 hour general OSHA course to become certified for work place safety.  I paid the 169.00 and started to take the course (online).  The reason I wanted to take the class is because I am a Security professional whom needs it for career professional reasons.  The site is  http://www.360training.com/store/ if you wish to click it but I advise not to.  Why?  Well, I downloaded and printed a guidebook of 200 pages to learn and study.  I then sign in to start taking the video lessons which are very boring and not all new to me.  I follow the video and copy and paste for my references.  At the end of each session learned you take a quiz.  You are allowed 3x to take the quiz.  So, I did fail the ladder part of the quiz 3x and got LOCKED OUT.  So I called them up and told them that their website on the top states they are not affiliated with OSHA federal agency.  Basically I was told to pay the exact same amount and retake it.  I also learned that if I copied and pasted the material I can “CHEAT” and get 100%-which is not what I did.  So, to no solution from talking to the two representatives I decided to call the Better Business Bureau on the company.  I will report the end results later as I asked for a refund.  I also asked the company for one as it states that if you cancel in three days they must refund your money.  169.00 is a lot of money to me as I am a 47 years old woman in college almost done with my Bachelors in Technical business management.  So taking online courses is not new to me!

My question is? What would you have done if this were you?  Would you report them to the Better Business Bureau or have you do this in your life on a business?  Do share your experiences below in the comments.


7 thoughts on “Have you had to report a business to the Better Business Bureau?

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